Quote: by Chelley The Poetess

“I will”

“I will say I live today,
I will say I love today,
I will say no fear today,
I will say I will today,
I will say I can today,
I will say I am today,
I will,

┬ęChelley The Poetess 7/2020

Image: Chelley The Poetess

Author: Chelleythepoetess

I am a writer, and a poet. I have a great love of writing and expression through, poetry, poems, quotes, short stories in rhyme, stories, feelings, truths, thoughts of what comes to my mind, and more. I come from within, so I write what I feel. I have a love to inspire, communicate, sometimes controversial, if misunderstood. I stay in touch with nature, universal values and issues as well, in a special kind of way, from my own observations, other attributes as well. I have a love of life and I also love to play with words. Come join me on my journey and playground right here. Hello to you All! This is who I be. - Chelley The Poetess

2 thoughts on “Quote: by Chelley The Poetess”

  1. I really love this quote, it’s super inspiring and motivating, it uplifts my positivity and gives me the will to keep pushing forward and overcoming fear, and having will power to do what I set out to do! keep the great quotes coming ­čÖé

    1. Thank you Reyna Rey! I appreciate your kind words. I am so happy I could offer you inspiration with this quote I wrote. I have more to come. Enjoy some of the other writing as well. Again I appreciate you and your kind words!

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